Forgotten American Heroes


As Americans we wear red, white, and blue proudly. We sing, “Let freedom ring!”, without having experienced the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. It is easy to enjoy our well-fought for freedom through the comfort and solace of our own homes, many times forgetting that those who paid the ultimate sacrifice are without homes or solace. Liberty Manor, located at 10015 N. 9th St. Tampa, Fl 33612, provides these homeless veterans with shelter. Currently, the home houses about 20 Vets, many of them suffering from combat-related ailments/injuries. All those who care for these heroes donate their time to insure the best for our vets. However, Liberty Manor’s veterans are still without solace. Liberty Manor is in dire need of new AC equipment for their property. $12,000 is needed from the community to help our heroes and bring comfort into Liberty Manor. These men and women have fought for us with their lives; we can fight to bring them comfort in their living situation. Please let us continue to wear our colors proudly knowing that we are doing all we can to give back. All donations and cheerful giving is appreciated. You may send checks to Liberty Manor at 10015 N. 9th St. Tampa, Fl 33612. You may also contact David Long of Business Ink Printing at (813) 988-4656 or email David at for more information and questions.



Elizabeth Fairchild, Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce Intern


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