The Importance of Social Networking

Social networking is everywhere. With sites such as Facebook and Twitter, one can keep in touch with friends and family from all areas. These sites are not just important for personal lives; in fact, they can be beneficial in the work place too.

According to the Fortune 500, Twitter is the number one social media outlet for top companies. While you can only write 140 characters per tweet, the advantages are endless. Twitter allows for quick communication and loads of information at our fingertips. Twitter’s search feature allows followers to find people, information, and conversations that are relevant to their business. Simply add a hashtag to your tweet, and potential customers could come across your site.

Another widely used form of social networking is Facebook, with over one billion active users, it is no wonder companies flock toward this social media outlet. Facebook is more personal, allowing businesses to connect with customers more freely through pages, posts, and messages. Additionally, businesses can purchase ad space that allows for targeted demographics, thus finding potential new clients. Similar to Twitter, Facebook has search features that allow businesses to connect with their community, customers, and business partners.

Growing in popularity in the social networking realm are picture-based sites included Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram is a program that allows for users to share pictures and write captions underneath, adding hashtags to make their picture searchable. Additionally, users can like and comment on photos of others, as well as follow users with like interests. Pinterest works in much the same way. Users can like, comment, and ‘pin’ pictures. Businesses can add their own photos to the site, in which potential new clients can find their products with simple word searches.

With so much social networking options, which will you choose?

Eileen Roundtree

Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce Intern



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