Giving back – Good for the heart and business?

Doing a good deed can go a long way. Corporate philanthropy can range from giving a non-profit organization a financial contribution to organizing an office community service day. However, the benefits can be greater than the warm feeling of knowing that you are doing your civic duties.

Build Your Team!

What better team building activity is there than giving back to the community? It is always a benefit to give employees a chance to get know each other better beyond the scopes of everyday work tasks. You might even experience of boost of morale in the workplace!

New Employment Opportunities!

Many candidates look for specific qualities when looking for employment. Doing community service may just give your company the edge it needs to attract potential candidates.  Companies that give employees an option to volunteer during the work day demonstrate how important philanthropy is to them. Going to work and having a chance to give back to the community is the best of both worlds!

Look Good While Doing Good!

The community will develop a positive impression of a company that is contributing to it.  Make sure the philanthropic efforts are done with sincere intentions to enhance the community. Community members will know if the motive is self-serving.

Community service can be good for business when it is done right. Get out of the office and give back!

Christine Lewis

Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce Intern~ Spring 2013

Christine Lewis-Intern


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